Who We Are

We understand the power of a good night’s sleep and the frustration of being jolted awake in the middle of the night by the sound of a door creak.

An extremely light sleeper herself, Marissa founded SoundBlock Asia in her desperate search for a more effective ear plug that fits right.

She started her journey selling and distributing a range of ear plugs in 2020. Inspired by positive feedback from her customers, Marissa decided to launch ATTENU8 to fill existing gaps in the market.

With its customers’ needs at the heart of its business, SoundBlock Asia ensures that customer testing is always part the design process. Created and enhanced based on customer feedback, ATTENU8 aims to set the gold-standard for ear plugs: effective, durable and versatile.

About Us | Get the Peace you Deserve | ATTENU8


ATTENU8 aims to help customers achieve the perfect ‘fit’ and discover the peace they deserve


Rid the notion that ear plugs are ‘uncool’ and encourage the use of hearing protection in our daily lives.

Key Milestones

  • Officially launched ATTENU8 ear plugs on Kickstarter

    Aug 2021

  • 360% funded on Kickstarter and launched on Indiegogo Indemand

    Sep 2021

  • Launch of our newly revamped e-commerce website! (yes the one you're on now)

    Nov 2021

  • Made available in Singapore brick & mortar shops (Assemble & SOJAO)

    Dec 2021

  • Made available in Hong Kong (Searching C & Wake Concept Store)

    Jan 2022

  • Made available in Malaysia (RumaKu Malaysia & Storming Gravity) and Taiwan (LuvHome)

    Feb 2022

  • Available at the World's Best Airport (Changi Airport, T3 departure hall)

    Mar 2022

Our focus was to create a ear plug with an easier fit which is crucial in achieving greater sound reduction.