No. The reason no ear plug can block 100% of the sound you hear is because sound reaches the inner ear’s sound receptors mainly through 2 ways:

  • Ear canal – where sound is conducted through the air
  • Bone conduction – sound passing directly to the inner ear

Completely blocking out the ear canal is bulk of the solution (if fitted correctly of course), but you will still be able to hear about 5% of the sound which reaches your inner ear primarily via bone conduction.

Also to those with sensitive hearing, when the volume is very low, your hearing becomes more acute, so the sound seems to be much louder than it actually is. Human hearing automatically adapts to the volume by adjusting the acuity of your hearing, turning it down when things are loud and up when things get quiet. This is why putting on hearing protection is important in loud environments that are seemingly ‘bearable’ – you get used to it, but you really shouldn’t!

That being said, our general guideline is this:
When fitted correctly, ATTENU8 reduces noise to more bearable/comfortable levels for you to execute your task while attaining the hearing protection you need.

ATTENU8 reduces noise by about 32 decibels. We fitted ATTENU8 on an acoustic test fixture to derive this SNR rating.

Yes you will. If in doubt, we recommend setting a blaring sound as your alarm rather than a soft and relaxing sound – the vibration and blaring sound should wake you up.

We’ve decided to launch ATTENU8 in midnight blue first. We’ll likely introduce additional colours down the road once we ascertain demand. We hope this makes sense and we appreciate your understanding.

They typically last about 6-8 weeks. For hygiene purposes, the foam tips should be changed. You may purchase the replacement tips in your respective size here .

Approximately 50 – 60 seconds for it to fully expand. 

We have increased the rebound time so it helps all types of users attain a better fit which is crucial for noise reduction.

If you dislike the rebound time, gently press on the foam tip and insert them directly into your ear canal.

*Do note that it takes a longer time to expand in cooler temperatures and quicker time to expand in warmer temperatures. 

Yes. As you use the foam tips more often, it is normal that the rebound time will decrease.

ATTENU8 is designed in Singapore and made in China at a factory equipped with specialised tools to manufacture and test ATTENU8. The factory is also verified onsite by world-leading inspection company, TÜV Rheinland.


It’s pretty straightforward, majority of our testers managed to fit it right (easier than trying to fit foam ear plugs)!

We have refined our instructions so that it is crystal clear.

Every purchase of ATTENU8 will come with a step-by-step fitting instruction sheet. If you’re more visual, scan the QR code in the instruction sheet provided.

You will know it fits right when:

  1. It creates a good seal

    • Cup your hands over your ears and release in a noisy environment
    • ATTENU8 should block enough noise so that covering your ears with your hands does not result in a significant noise difference.
  2. A snug fit – ATTENU8 do not easily shift around within your ear canal

  3. There is no discomfort or pain when trying to insert ATTENU8 into your ear canal

  4. It doesn’t easily come off. When fitted, try pulling / tugging the ear plugs gently – if it comes off too easily, we recommend trying a different size.

Every purchase of ATTENU8 comes with 3 different pairs of foam tip sizes: XS, S and M. Majority of our users are size S. If you have small ear canals, we recommend using XS.

Don’t worry, that is the foam tip expanding in your ear.

If you wish to decrease the rebound time and crackling sound, insert the foam tip directly into your ear canal without rolling and minimising the foam tip.

It wouldn’t if you fit the tips securely on the metal stem.

When fitting the foam tips on the metal body, you should hear a ‘click’ sound.

The tips are very secure on the metal stem and takes considerable effort to remove.

In the rare scenario that happens, please ask a friend to assist in the removal of foam tips. Refrain from doing it yourself.

  1. If the ear plug is stuck in your right ear, tilt your head to the right and ensure your ear is facing downwards
  2. Pull ear lobe backwards and upwards to open the ear canal
  3. Use a flashlight and shine into ear canal
  4. With ear facing downwards, use a tweezer (we recommend sanitising it first) to pull the foam tip out


We ship to all countries excluding the following which have been flagged by courier services as restricted or high risk: Belarus, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria & Zimbabwe.

If you would like a shipment to any these countries we will make alternative arrangements that may cost more, however we can’t guarantee the shipment’s arrival.

If the shipping provider attempts to deliver to your address but no-one is available to receive the package or the location is not accessible, the shipping provider will reattempt to deliver a second time or may leave a card on your doorstep for you to collect at the nearest post office – service offered depends on where you are located.

If there is a 2nd attempt and nobody claims the shipment, goods will be returned to us. You will have to pay a reshipping fee.


You can initiate 100% refund within 15 days. 

In the event your product is defective, please email us with a description and image of the issue.

We will assess the issue and if it is a product fault, we’ll dispatch your replacement order.

You may read more about our refund policy here


Each product and its parts are checked during the assembling process for quality assurance before it is shipped out to you.

The customer will be responsible for paying all import duties and taxes. These costs are not included in the cost of delivery.