It’s All About The F.I.T

  • Find the right foam tip size
  • Insert properly into ear canal
  • Test it out

It is important to attain the right fit to achieve better sound reduction.


Secure Foam Tips

  • Grip foam tip and push it against the body till no gap is seen
  • You should hear a “click” once foam tips are securely fitted

Optional for side sleepers:
Fit bottom foam tip at base of metal body


Fitting The Ear Plug

  • Pinch and roll foam tip
  • With opposite hand, reach over your head and pull top of ear up and back
  • Insert ear plug into ear canal. This should create a snug fit – not too loose nor tight

Rebound Time 

  • Give the foam tips about 60 seconds to fully expand and fit the shape of your ear canal
  • There may be a ‘crackling’ sound. This is normal while the foam expands. 

Remove The Foam Tip

  • Grip the foam tip tightly
  • Then twist and pull foam tip away from the body

Pro Tips:

  • Start with the foam tips that have been fitted by default. If snug fit is not achieved, try other foam tip sizes.

  • When fitted correctly, you should not hear any direct sound coming through your ears, only bone conducted sound. 

  • You will know it fits right when:

    1. It creates a good seal

      • Cup your hands over your ears and release in a noisy environment
      • ATTENU8 should block enough noise so that covering your ears with your hands does not result in a significant noise difference.
    2. A snug fit – ATTENU8 do not easily shift around within your ear canal

    3. There is no discomfort or pain when trying to insert ATTENU8 into your ear canal

    4. It doesn’t easily come off. When fitted, try pulling / tugging the ear plugs gently – if it comes off too easily, we recommend trying a different size.