ATTENU8 Ear plugs

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  • Aluminium body provides an easier fit & better sound reduction
  • 3 sizes of memory foam tips & a pair of bottom foam tips for side sleepers
  • Weight: 2 grams
  • Dimensions: Metal body with foam tip: 21mm (H) x 10mm (W) 
  • SNR 32 rating, follows CE certification BS EN352-2:2002

With your foam tip size and metal body, simply ‘squeeze & fit’ and with these quality ear plugs. 

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Solid aluminium body, great for sound reduction

Low frequencies produce the most energy and traditional foam ear plugs do not absorb the noise properly. With the change in density between the metal body and memory foam, ATTENU8 reduces noise by approximately 32dB.


Soft and bio-compatible memory foam. Available in 3 sizes

Available in XS, S and M, this will ensure you find an ideal fit which is important to attaining a good seal for better sound reduction.

For side sleepers, we have also included an optional memory foam that can be capped to the bottom of the ear plug.


Durable and reusable, waste less

ATTENU8 is durable and reusable as it does not have any additional mechanics or batteries. Only the foam tips need to be changed in your respective size; approximately every 6-8 weeks.

The anodised aluminium body makes it less susceptible to scratches. 

Great for


Peaceful slumber with isolation from snoring


Sensory sensitivities to loud noises


Protect your ears against noisy colleagues


Fits in your ear, no interference with your helmet

Music Jamming

Rock it out with your bandmates safely


Enjoy silence on planes, trains & automobiles


High noise protection against loud noises

Concerts & Clubs

Enjoy incredible sonic details at very safe levels

What Are We Solving?

Foam tips are difficult to fit

When we created ATTENU8, we talked to many ear plug users.

  • Majority had bad experiences with foam ear plugs as they struggled to attain the right fit which affected sound reduction.

  • Some users also disliked throwing their foam tips away as it was wasteful.

With 3 different foam tip sizes and a metal body, it is easier to attain the right fit with ATTENU8 which is crucial for better sound reduction. 

How are we different:

  • Easier to fit as compared to traditional foam ear plugs
  • Compared to other metal ear plugs, we made it smaller and lighter which improves versatility for both day and night use

  • Less waste – our durable foam tips last 6 – 8 weeks

  • The concave body provides a better grip

  • Our packaging looks great as a gift but more importantly, the foam tips do not get squashed as they are safe in the custom foam cut-out

ATTENU8 is versatile enough to be your day and night companion.

When you least expect it, you can count on ATTENU8 for that sudden f.r.u.s.t.r.a.t.i.n.g.l.y noisy situation.

So not only is ATTENU8 effective, comfortable and durable – it will be at your corner when the time comes.

Delivering the peace you deserve.

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